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September 2011: Artist of the Month


Click on the text below to go to the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours blog where Julia was the featured artist for September. Julia writes about her watercolours produced at East Wretham Nature Reserve this summer:


The Artist Magazine

November 2011 Issue

Julia’s latest  article ‘A Dream Portrait’

of her painting ‘Portrait of Mrs Mopani’ is a slightly light-hearted account of her painting a piece of Mopani wood.

For more details, click on the image left of below:

‘An Appreciation of Trees’

By Julia Sorrell


Click on the text below or on the image right to read Julia’s recently published article in Save our Woods magazine. Julia writes about why she likes drawing wood and trees, and the influence of her father Alan Sorrell:

An Artist Amongst the Tree”

Julia’s article on the Woodland Trust/Ancient Tree Forum website, featuring her Scots Pine Branch painting right and her fathers’s “The Planting of the Trees”

Click on the link below:


‘An Artist’s Memories of a Living Wood’

By Julia Sorrell

Published in Living Woods, Jan/February Issue 2012


In her first article for 2012, Julia recalls  her childhood memories of living near an ancient coppice wood and it’s long lasting influence on her work. As well as one of recent paintings drawn from trees, Julia also shows work of both her parents Alan & Elizabeth Sorrell and a photograph of the converted chapel where they lived.

 “Alan Sorrell: The Man Who Created Roman Britain”

By Julia Sorrell

British Archaeology Magazine

Nov-Dec issue 2012 Pages 22-27


Part of a special feature about her father Alan Sorrell with contribution by Dr Sara Perry and Professor Matthew Johnson


Julia was asked by the editor Mike Pitts to write about her father’s life and personality and how it related to his work.


Sara and Matthew concentrated on their research on the Alan Sorrell Archive and his contribution as an artist to British archaeology in the mid 20th Century.


Julia’s article formed the basis of her illustrated talk with the same title. Please contact Julia for more details.

 “The Artist’s Daughter”

By Julia Sorrell

The Artist, Nov issue 2013 Pages 15-17


Julia Sorrell remembers her father Alan Sorrell, artist, illustrator and past contributor to the Artist


Click on the image left to go to the Artist website notice

Minerva Magazine Vol 24 pg 31-35 Nov-Dec 2013


Current Archaeology December 2013

Pages 40-42


Part of a double feature shared with Salon editor Christopher Catling FSA

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Alan Sorrell: The Man who created Roman Britain

A new biography by

Julia Sorrell & Mark Sorrell


Commissioned by Oxbow Books

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