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The Hands of the Past Linked to the Hands of the Present

A New Concept in Hand-Embroidery

by Julia Sorrell

The Hands of the Past linked to the Hands of the Present is a hand-embroidered sculpture created in respect of our ancestors of four and a half thousand years ago who built the inspirational Ring of Brodgar in Orkney. It symbolises just one of the 27 remaining stones. Originally 60 stood there! Cross-hatching with a needle and thread, reflects my use of pencil and brush in my watercolours and oil paintings of Orkney.


With utmost difficulty our ancestors struggled to erect these stones, and wore skins to combat the climate. These skins were loosely fashioned with the use of thread – this was the origin of embroidery. The practical connection of one piece of material to another has over time become more decorative and yes, more superfluous and decadent. So to-day hand embroidery is mainly used for church kneelers or buttons, or even replaced by the impersonal machine embroidery. For me, hand embroidery is a means of drawing with thread, in this case to construct the standing stone. Let us not forget that our ancestors did everything by hand - moving of the stones or hewing them into shape using basic stone tools. Hence I hand-spun the wool, silk and material, and embroidered by hand, to connect to the hands of the public who run their hands over the tactile surface of the textile in a similar way as I witnessed the public do to those ancient giants in the Orkney landscape.


 Julia Sorrell RI

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Alan Sorrell: The Man who created Roman Britain

A new biography by

Julia Sorrell & Mark Sorrell


Commissioned by Oxbow Books

Now in print and available from Oxbow Books Ltd




It can also be purchased from Heffers (Cambridge), Blackwells (Oxford), The Mall Galleries, London


More about the book can be read from Julia’s blog:


The Royal Society of Portrait Painters  (RP)

Annual exhibition 2018 at the Mall Galleries:

Royal Mall, London


Julia self-portrait (right) will be on exhibition in London for the first time.





A New Portrait by Julia Sorrell:



Dr Michael Mann: Left, the working drawing, right, the painting in tempera on gesso panel

2021 Oxfordshire Art Weeks

Julia will be exhibiting with her husband Ian Sanders in their new workshop gallery at Littlestock, Meadow Lane, Shipton-under-Wychwood,

Chipping Norton, OX7 6BW.

11am—6pm 1st-9th May


As well as new drawings and paintings  produced since her

2019 move to West Oxfordshire, her hand-embroidered sculpture

 Reverence (see below) will be on display.                                               

Nature and Form

Julia Sorrell Exhibition at Clare Hall, Cambridge

Herschal Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL

27th February—17th August

Access was restricted to college associates since March!

Julia’s Scots Pines of Norfolk II (left) is now the in the collection

of Clare Hall College.

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Julia’s two new paintings

Sunflowers in Shipton and Sunflowers in the Cotswolds will be among her works on show.

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (RI)

Spring exhibition 2021

Royal Mall, London

New Dates:

20th-29th May 10am—5pm









Return to Sunflowers



Since moving to the Cotswolds November 2019, Julia’ recent work has become inspired and drawn from her new locality. Included were sunflowers, a theme in Julia’s work going back to the 1990’s, and one she has occasionally returned to. The results of this fruitful summer of work during the Covid pandemic will be on show this spring (see below).

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